Black Sheep

Something bit me this morning.  A parasite was caught feeding off of my spirit.

Black sheep!

A mindset revealed itself having remained hidden for more than two years. It came out today Continue reading Black Sheep


What happened?

Why did I put you on a pedestal and give you nowhere to go but down the minute you put your foot forward? Why am I treating you like you’ve committed some gross injustice?

I want to say it is some kind of test to see if all the words we shared meant anything, but instead of telling you you’ve passed Continue reading Pedestals

What You Do Two

“What you do speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you say”.

So guilty it hurts!

“I’m not ok right now but reserve the right to be fine and dandy the next time you ask, thank you.”

Wow!  Never did I think I would come back to this post and be slapped around the head by my own words.  That has to be healthy and a very good sign that my humility is alive and well. Information insanity, introduction etiquette, everything is in effect.  It feels quite unpleasant and like it should be wholly unnecessary to have to be awoken to these facts again.  You should know this by now! Continue reading What You Do Two

Goodness and Truth

“May goodness and truth be your companions.  May selfishness and lies flee from your being”.

What does it mean to be good? Is being good hiding your selfishness efficiently enough to get everything you want without pissing anyone off, or is it sacrificing what you want knowing that it is not something that you need?

What is truth? Is it the point of view that wraps you in cotton wool and protects you from reality, or is it the stick that beats you around the head just often enough to awaken the parts of your brain that are beginning to atrophy?

Looks like I’m back on the blog saddle!

The Random Fluxations of a Mindful Man